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Your daily mail from USPS, and your e-mails, like mine, probably include several requests for contributions to a worthy cause:


Feed the Children, Unicef, St. Jude's Hospital for Children with cancer, Schools on Indian reservations where poverty is the norm, any number of religious causes, food for starving citizens in Africa, The Humane Society for kind treatment of Animals, the VFW, Special Olympics, Smile Train that works to cure birth defects in children like cleft palettes, local police and fire organizations needing things their city can’t fund, and some groups that provide help to homeless people…       

are just a few of the ones that I receive daily.


You probably get just as many, if not more. And, like you, I try to give to each of them at some point in time throughout the year, each year. Sometimes my contributions to individual causes are small, typically between $10 and $25, but I do what I can.

As do you.


And every week brings a new batch. Sometimes I will get 3-4 requests a year from the same organizations. You probably do as well.


Now you can add the American Consensus donation request to your list.


What makes the American Consensus cause different from all the others?


1. Citizens have to seek us out by visiting the AmericaII website. We don’t do mailings.


2. This is the only request from us that you will ever receive….ever.


I know that I am probably preaching to the choir here….or you wouldn’t have opened this page….but I will tell you that I don’t think you will ever donate to a worthier cause than this one……. The cause of… Making America All it CAN be…..


Because the American Consensus APP has the potential to help EVERYONE in our country….all at the same time….and it is the ONLY cause that can make that statement.


Thank you for your support, thanks for visiting the AmericaII website, and thanks for caring about our country, and helping it (and us) become all we can be…together.



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