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Making the American Consensus APP available to every registered voter in America is going to take more money than I have.


Click here for a cost estimate.  - 1 page

Click here for all the technical details.  - 8 pages


While I rant daily (one of the three “Jack the Turtle” books is titled RANTS) about the idiotic things that both the Democrats and Republicans in our government do, I still believe that a significant minority in both camps are really there for the right reasons, working hard to achieve something for the overall good of our country. But, they are still a minority, whose words, for the most part, fall on the deaf ears of their majority counterparts.


I also believe that a majority in both camps want to do the right thing, but they don’t actually know what the citizens want them to do. Their input is limited to party chiefs, other politicians, major campaign donors, lobbyists, talking heads on TV, rigged polls, and an endless number of pundits, all of whom are trying to tell them what they should do….. and comparatively next-to-no input, from their actual constituents. So, they don’t have a feel for how a majority of their constituents may be of different opinions than they are, on many subjects.


The American Consensus APP can change all of these things for the better, at the same time.


Isn’t it worth a shot? Isn’t restoring America to the kind of country our founders envisioned at the outset…a society whose government was one  of, by, and for the people….. worth a few minutes of your time, and maybe a few of your dollars?


If it is, please click HERE to make a contribution that will help make it possible.


I thank you, and your children will thank you, for joining in this cause.


The cause of Making America All it CAN be.




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